Window and Door maintenance tips

Window and Door maintenance tips

Throughout the warmer months of the year we keep our windows and doors open to let fresh air in. but when the weather turns cooler, the importance of high quality windows and doors become apparent, we go from welcoming the elements in, to wanting to keep them at bay.

If your home is not id not protected by quality windo2ws and doors, you could be overspending on your energy bills. You may also find yourself struggling to maintain a balances and comfortable temperature when the weather is at its worst.

With this mind, here are a few window and door maintenance tips.

1, Feel for window drafts and gaps.

2, Don’t ignore glass cracks or glass chips.

3, Perform a visual glass and glazing check.

4, Perform an external check, ensuring all windows and door sealants are adequate and no visible gaps or holes are apparent.

5, Ensure all hinges, handles and mechanisms are fully working.